Reading with Children Tips

Make Reading Important in your life

~Make sure the child sees you reading books, magazines,March 2015 013 and newspapers

~Teach the child to read the newspaper (you can look for the comics, the weather, or an article together)

~Read with the child every day ~Keep books in the car, the bathroom, the family room, the bedrooms and the kitchen

~Go to the library regularly for books, magazines, books on tape or C.D, music ~Tell stories before bed, at the table, in the car, and on walks

~Give books as presents

~Take the time to tell the child that you enjoy books, newspapers or magazines

~Talk about reading the way you talk about going to the park… like it’s something special

~Read a variety of books (myths, legends, nursery rhymes, rhyming stories, fiction, non-fiction, funny, poetry)

~Set limits on television and video games and stick to them (I know it’s hard, but the day you read a book and then they read it and they tell you that they liked that book, is the day you know you rocked it!)

~Make a book with the child (about their favorite animals, family, why the child is special, a vacation) I will post some activities later on this topic.

~Never use reading as a punishment

~Join or form a book club with your child (I could be just among your own family, more on this later)

~Be positive–which is the most important skill you can teach your little one..

Before you Read

~Read the title, point out the author and illustrator
~Ask the child what he/she thinks the book is about, from just reading the title
~Ask the child if it reminds him/her of another book
~Look at illustrations
~Talk about them
~Ask the child what he/she thinks the book is about based on the illustrations
~Ask the child if he/she recognizes the artist
~Read about the author and illustrator
~See if there is a connection between the author and what he/she writes about
~Look at the table of contents if there is one
~Ask the child what chapter seems interesting

While you Read

~Ask questions
~What do you think is going to happen next?
~What do you think that word means?
~Show your interest by changing your voice to fit the character
I wonder what’s going to happen next!
Wow! Look at that illustration
I love the colors in this book!— suggested prompts
~Show your interest by showing emotion:
Laugh if it is funny
Cry if it is sad
~Share your thoughts and feelings about the the story
~Put emotion in your voice for the different characters

~Really pronounce the words that they are studying at school, that are in the book.
~Let the child ask questions, touch the book, turn pages, allow them to tell their own story too!
–Even if you are in the middle of telling the story 🙂

After you read

Talk about how your favorite parts of the book
That book is so funny!
I love that book!
I don’t like that book so much
This book reminds me of….

~Ask the child questions
Did that book remind you of any other books?
Did you like the story?
What is your favorite picture?
Do you want to read another book like this?
Should we look for more books like this, maybe we can check another one at the library?

~Let the child talk about how he/she feels
I love that picture!
That book is silly!

~Develop the concept of plot
Talk about a change that may have occurred in the story
Talk about what happened and the solution that may have happened in the story
Read it again at bedtime, with their toys as the audience, have them draw a new cover for the book

Or make a book!

Have fun! They don’t need to know each word and sometimes they just want to listen and other times they might not listen, but keep on reading. I have learned so much about being a parent from reading Children’s books.


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