Checking in after a while… SCBWI and finding new encouragement!

After joining my local SCBWI WI chapter, I have found such a loving community!
Finding my inner Latino/a child voice is a journey in each of my books and now with the local chapter of SCBWI I have found a critique group and networking events that encourage me to continue on to the journey.
What is the journey? Does it end with publication?
I think it’s different for everyone… but for me it’s about getting down the diverse experiences of Latino children.
Children, niños that I know that I grew up with and work with…
Latino children growing up first/second/third generation in the Midwest have a different reality than

baby bunny 201photo

those in the East or West cost.
I am forever grateful of Las Comadres and the group of Latino/a writers…
They too, have helped me form a network of lovely new amigas!
I have learned that revision is key for great work.
Often that path is of the most resistance from both the outside and inside.
From the outside because we might find rejection after rejection daunting. Plus, our Latino characters might not be seen as ‘sell-able’ or they don’t fall in the constraints of preconceived notions of Latino children are like.

From the inside because we all want our work to shine from the moment we write it down the first time.
But we need feedback! and We need to edit it to perfect it!
Because that is the only way we will add voices to Children’s literature.
By adding in, great well-written stories that will stand the test of time.
Someone told me one time, if I’m waiting for the next Latino Harry Potter that maybe I need to write it!
I smiled.
He was right.
I can’t wait for it, I have the power to add to the voice, the circle, to rewrite the Master’s plan!
Master the craft or at least write a masterful book that will capture the spirit, that captured my heart oh so long ago…
took me to far away places, witnessed so many twists and turns, and gave me hope…
Keep on Writing
Porque no estas sola!


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