Picture Books, Problems, and the Quotable Yoda

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t written anything in a long time–here but I have been super busy finishing my manuscripts for 8 different picture books! and now I’m blessed to be taking a class with Sudipta! She and Mira Reisberg are doing a course together at the children’s book academy! The is challenging but I really love all the love everyone is showing online and via webinairs. No sure how to spell that! Hope everyone is still writing and finding new Latino characters that embrace this thing called life! Enjoy the blog post! and video!!


Picture Books, Problems, and the Quotable Yoda.

via Picture Books, Problems, and the Quotable Yoda.



I am honored to be a part of this event and to represent the Chicana experience on motherhood and familia! @Madison, WI Sunday May, 11 at 3 PM Barrymore Theater!

The Queen Colleen

My heart was beating so hard while I was sitting on that stage that I could hear it in my ears. For days before…that entire morning and for the few hours we’d had so far of afternoon…even as we climbed the stairs and took our seats…even when they closed the curtain and only the low, sodium-yellow lights of backstage illuminated us…I was fine.

backstage Listen…backstage

In fact, I had sort of adopted this “I don’t care” attitude. I’ve recognized, in myself, that I do this at times. It’s almost as if the situation is pushing me so far out of my comfort zone that I kinda flip…over the precipice into the other worldly “past” point…where it’s dark and melancholy and colorless.

I know this is my coping mechanism. I know I’ve spent entire YEARS of my life in this colorlessness. I’m THERE. I participate. I talk with people. I laugh, even…

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