The danger of the single story

The danger of the single story

The single story refers to the notion that there is only one story that children hear about regarding a group of people.

As a writer/poet I write from my own person experience as a first generation Chicana (a person of Mexican descent). I want to write many diverse stories with different settings, characters, plots that many different types of Latino children can relate too. I want to write the stories that are missing from the single story from a child’s perspective. Stories about a recent home-owning Latina girl, who is becoming a terrific pet owner. An ant whose parents were deported and is walking to find them and his new home. The single Latino father making pancakes. All of these voices are not mine, they represent children, families I’ve met in the last twenty years since HS working as a social worker in the Mid-West. Wish me luck on my new adventure as a Children’s book author! Uno, Dos, Tres, Dimelo Otra Vez!


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