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Proud to say that I have completed my MFA in Children’s Literature at Hamline University’s Creative Writing Program. Currently, I teach creative writing classes at local venues. I use meditation and practical techniques to get to the creative center we all have. I write Children’s books, poetry, short stories and I enjoy interviewing my artistic friends.

For the purpose of this blog, I want to explore the Latino/a writer’s voice in children’s books, the development of craft as it pertains to Children’s books (YA, Picture books, Readers, Poetry books, and Graphic Novels).

I will focus on the Latina experience (as I know it) in the genre of Latino Children’s book. I want to give craft ideas and tips on how to write a Children’s book. Basically, I want to share what I’m learning in real time.

I want to share how writing in this genre has empowered me as a Latina writer, a lovely discovery, indeed. I want to promote Latinos/as to write children’s book or YA genre and write about my journey getting there, as a writer, a poet, a mother, a daughter, and a reader. (12/2015)

My other blogs:


This is a catch-all blog, personal and passionate. I share my life and other observations


This blog is for the art classes that I teach in various local venues. The classes focus on building your writing practice and I incorporate aroma meditation and contemplative writing.


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  1. I love the rationale behind your blog… thanks for stopping by and following mine!

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